Who We Are

The Pontiac Housing Commission is governed by a dedicated five member board of commissioners appointed by the city’s mayor. Day to day operations are managed by the commission’s longstanding and knowledgeable executive team and office staff.

Ahmad Taylor – Executive Director

Ahmad Taylor has served as the executive director of the Pontiac Housing Commission for nine years, originally joining the agency in 2004 as a procurement officer. In that time, he’s led the organization through some of the city’s hardest financial years while bolstering and securing affordable housing for those that call the seat of Oakland County home. A lifelong community activist, Mr. Taylor has dedicated his career to creating a sustained resident-led vision for improving quality of life in our neighborhoods, apartment communities and for our landlords.

Growing up in Pontiac, Mr. Taylor gained intimate experience with how the state of affordable housing can affect individuals and entire communities. His passion for housing is deeply rooted in his love for the city where his mother, and grandmother, fostered and adopted his siblings from unstable situations. His desire to serve the public deepened while working for the financial sector after graduating from Alcorn State University in Mississippi. Seeking a way to support his home community and give residents a voice, he turned to the housing commission.

From a once un-auditable organization to one that today is partnering on multimillion dollar rehabilitations of Pontiac’s public housing market — Mr. Taylor has remained steadfast in his belief that the heart of the city lies in sustaining and investing in our homes, neighborhoods and people.

Yvette Transou – Deputy Director

Yvette Transou has served in a multitude of roles in her 17-years with the housing commission. She began her tenure working for the agency’s human services and family self-sufficiency programs before being appointed as deputy director in 2015. Ms. Transou played an integral role in propelling the agency to its current chapter through the city’s economic downturns and to this day has dedicated her career to maintaining and uplifting affordable housing in Pontiac.

A graduate of the University of Phoenix, Ms. Transou’s professional life mirrors her devotion to people and community. Before joining the agency she previously worked as a private school teacher and a human resources manager. Those experiences with individuals from all walks of life imprinted on her the often understated importance of housing and supporting housing initiatives. A firm believer in finding ways to help the helpers, her work with the commission continues to impact thousands of residents across our community.

In her current role, she helps to lead our dedicated staff in guiding individuals from crisis, to resources and stability.

Antoine Ott-Terrell – Financial Controller/HQS Inspector

Antoine Ott-Terrell manages and oversees the agency’s budget, procurements, expenditures, funding and expansion as the housing commission’s financial controller. He also serves as the Housing Quality Standards inspector. From apartments to houses and multi-family units, Mr. Ott-Terrell conducts daily inspections across the city assuring the structures our tenants call home continuously meet all 13 key aspects of housing quality. This includes access to utilities, environmental quality, safety, sanitation and more. 

Mr. Ott-Terrell took up his position with the agency in 2013, shortly after graduating from Jackson State University. Born and raised in Pontiac, he has been involved with community development since his youth — growing up playing basketball in the city’s centers, volunteering for a local hospital and working with outreach programs. Mr. Ott-Terrell views his work with the housing commission as a way to create a positive impact in his home town for generations to come. 

Vern Gustafsson – Project Director/Planner

Vern Gustafsson works to steward, analyze and inform the housing commission’s strategic projects through a wealth of experience as a longtime development and planning director. Having served over 40 communities in the Great Lakes region with data-based technical planning, targeted-implementations of identified projects and more, Mr. Gustafsson brings both in-depth and high-level knowledge of community and economic development to our ranks. In his day-to-day work, Mr. Gustafsson assists with research and planning development, placemaking strategies and zoning, as well as navigating communications between the commission, elected officials and developers.

Mr. Gustafsson joined the housing commission in the fall of 2022, having previously served as the city of Pontiac’s Planning and Code Enforcement Manager. His drive and determination to create vibrant communities is seated in decades of experience identifying visions, clarifying goals and developing achievable action plans for projects grand and small scale. With a vested interest in the future of Pontiac, Mr. Gustafsson’s invaluable expertise will help serve the community today and for years to come.

Mary Lou RosadoHousing Choice Voucher Program Coordinator
Christie SayreHousing Choice Voucher Case Specialist
Joyce ShieldsHousing Choice Voucher Office Assistant
Betty SettlesOffice Assistant
Jeanette ChambersCommunity Manager Carriage Circle Apartments
Sharolyn CheathamAssistant Residential Manager Carriage Circle Apartments

Pontiac Housing Commission Board of Commissioners

Neil HiltonPresident of the Board
Melanie RutherfordVice President of the Board
Timothy LawrenceCommissioner
Darrius JoynerCommissioner
Dustin McClellanCommissioner
Dean BevacquaCommissioner